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Since time immemorial, procrastination has been a common disease in the neighborhood. Isn’t it apparent? We compromise on even what’s dearest to us thanks to this habit of ours. But what if in the interim, we are harming our possessions even further? Needless to say, you are a victim if the burning temperatures outside disturb your air conditioner’s normal functioning. Instinctively, you leave the rest to the experts as North Miami Beach, FL area is not quite a place where you can survive without a cooling system. Moreover, if you delay the repairs, you are inviting many more costs than you think.

Now that you know what must be done and what happens if you don’t, the only thing you need to know further is the number 786-581-6304. Without any more delays, the best AC servicing company near you, North Miami Beach AC Services, will be there for you. 

What do we fix?

Augmented by the finest of equipment and technicians with over two decades of experience, we handle all sorts of issues that may trouble an owner of a cooling system. Do you find your AC unreactive or slow in cooling the room? We deal with that as well! Be it a commercial property or a condo where the HVAC belongs, of any brand or kind, we can get it rolling in no time.

Common Repairs we deal with:

Below are some of the issues our professionals cure on duty:

Compressor issues:

For healing the heat of the room, the refrigerant gas present inside the air conditioner must be hotter than the air outside and for this to happen, compressor is an absolute necessity. It cools down the air and compresses the refrigerant while it leaves the AC. Usually when the compressor fails to do its job, the other components fall as dominos as well. This complex heart of the system has been thoroughly examined by the experts from North Miami Beach AC Services and you can count on us to revive your lost comfort.

Fan problems:

If you happen to encounter problems like bent blades, damaged belts or motor issues, you can consider it a fan problem. Technically, there are two fans inside an air conditioner and these evict the heat off the AC and supply icy air to the ducts. Persistent usage of these can result in the symptoms mentioned above. These problems will be addressed in the best way possible by our professionals.

Refrigerant leaks:

When you delay the upkeep of your air conditioner for a long time, the latent refrigerant gets drained and before you know it, your AC may stop working. We are predominantly called by our clients because of such refrigerant leaks. As horrifying as it sounds detecting such leaks must be a piece of cake for proficient technicians, and so it is, when it comes to North Miami Beach AC Services.

Other repair tasks we undertake are:

  • North Miami Beach AC Services North Miami Beach, FL 786-581-6304Fixing faulty thermostat sensors
  • Clogged filter clean-up/change
  • Control/wiring problems
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Refrigerant refill

Get your cool back with North Miami Beach AC Services

It’s hard to see your air conditioner lose its life, but it’s even harder to live even a few hours without it during summer in North Miami Beach, FL area. Being your good neighbor, we offer you the benefit of getting your cool back and just a call away on 786-581-6304. AC repair services were never this seamless before and we promise to help you out of the maze on time.