North Miami Beach


North Miami Beach is one of those cities that was discovered, instead of being built. During a coast guard patrol, Captain William H. Fulford came across a marshy land filled with mangroves that provided a safe haven and was saved the fury of the Atlantic. The discovery soon led to the development of what would come to be known as the ‘perfect city’. The period between 1924 and 1926 saw a great land boom, with investors pouring in from all over the United States to invest in real estate, all thanks to the conducive climate and fertile land the city offered.

Changing fortunes:

North Miami Beach has everything going right! The economy was flourishing, resorts started to crop up, tourists started to flock the region, but soon the population grew to an extent that it threatened to destabilize the city’s growth. Due to space constraints and shrinking green cover, the summers in the city were unbearably hot which discouraged people from investing in the city. Growth slowed, but it soon picked up pace when air conditioners came into the picture.

Today’s North Miami Beach

The city is a colorful community and is a mélange of different cultures, boasting of rich history, sprawling parks and art centers. It came into prominence majorly due to the advent of air conditioners, which allowed its people to combat its hot summer temperatures effectively. Once people realized that there was now a way out of its brutal summers, they moved to the region, thus facilitating growth and turning it into one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

Choosing the right AC partner

Be it North Miami Beach or other parts of Florida, people here are forced to turn to their air conditioners for comfort – and that’s a fact that most AC service companies in the city seek to exploit. There are a lot of companies that burden customers with unnecessary repair costs, make wrong suggestions or charge extra for simple services. Beware of such deceitful companies, and be extra cautious when choosing an AC service company. If you need a reputed and reliable AC service company, choose North Miami Beach AC Services. We’ve served the region for over two decades now and have been providing reliable services to the community relentlessly.

Services provided:

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  • Air quality improvement
  • Commercial HVAC setup
  • Ductwork layout
  • Flexible maintenance contracts
  • New AC setup
  • Refrigerant refill
  • Regular cleanup/tuneups
  • Repair/replacement of AC

What sets North Miami Beach AC Services apart?

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